The UAE welcomes the formation of the new Tunisian government

The UAE welcomes the formation of the new Tunisian government
The UAE welcomes the formation of the new Tunisian government

The UAE welcomed the formation of the new Tunisian government headed by Najla Boden, expressing its wishes for success and payment for her in her next path, in a way that enhances Tunisia’s stability and prosperity.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation affirmed the UAE’s confidence in the brotherly Tunisian people’s ability to overcome the current stage under the leadership of President Kais Saied. The ministry indicated the UAE’s keenness to deepen and broaden the horizons of cooperation with Tunisia and push it forward in all fields, in order to strengthen the strong relations between our two brotherly countries and peoples.
After waiting and anticipation, he announced in Tunisia the formation of the new government that will lead the country in light of the exceptional measures taken by President Saied in late July, and the measures contained in the presidential order regarding the temporary administration of the authorities. Saeed signed the decision to name the president and members of the government in the first measure of its kind since 2011, so that the ministerial team will not be presented to Parliament to gain its confidence after suspending its work indefinitely. Said said: “We want to shorten history, and we do not want to remain in the shadow of exceptional measures, but we will remain in light of these measures as long as there is an imminent danger in Parliament and in a number of other institutions.”
track down the corrupt
In his speech on the occasion of the Boden government’s swearing-in at the Carthage Palace, Saeed revealed that all files will be opened and no file will be excluded, adding: “There is no place for those who want to tamper with the sovereignty of the state and the sovereignty of the people.” He stressed that Tunisia is not under the tutelage of anyone, warning against encroachment on the state and its institutions or on Tunisians and their property. “We will track down the corrupt, and the people’s money will be returned to the people,” he added.

And those who work to bring down the Tunisian state do not have bags full of money from abroad that enter Tunisia daily without a permit, while their owners do not hesitate to say that they are working to achieve the goals of the revolution.” The Tunisian president accused opponents of inciting against the country to cancel the Francophone Summit, which will be hosted on the island of Djerba next November, stressing that he had reached reports of parties seeking to spoil the relationship with France.

Government priorities

In turn, Prime Minister Najla Boden stressed that her priorities are to restore confidence and hope, ensure economic and health security for the citizen and restore confidence in the state.

She added: We aim to restore the citizen’s confidence in administration and government work, and the confidence of the outside in our country, and to combat corruption, which is increasing day after day. She and her government will work to accelerate the revitalization of the economic cycle. The new government included 25 ministers and state secretaries, including nine women. The new composition witnessed the return of a number of ministers who were affiliated with the presidency in the government of Hisham al-Mashishi, and they were dismissed because of that, under the pressure of the Ennahda movement.

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