Adele sends a message to Saudi Arabia… Video

Adele sends a message to Saudi Arabia… Video
Adele sends a message to Saudi Arabia… Video

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The Emmy-winning British singer has sent a message to Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

Adele indicated in her first direct meeting with her 40 million followers on the Instagram social networking site, that she had received a request from one of her fans to visit Kuwait, according to the Emirati newspaper, The National.

She also replied to a Saudi fan, saying: “Welcome to Saudi Arabia.”

The singer of the famous song “Hello” responded to a fan asking her to visit the Arab region, and he said to him happily: “I would love to come to the Middle East.”

Adele reassured her fans in her first live broadcast on “Instagram” about her mental health, assuring them that she is good at the moment, and that writing her lyrics was a treatment for her.

Adele performed to her fans a clip of her latest single “Easy on Me”, which she is preparing to release next Friday.

Adele is close to releasing her latest albums, “30”, after an absence from the artistic scene that lasted nearly 6 years.

She explained in a recent interview with “Vogue” magazine that the new album will explain her divorce and her life to her young son.

And Adele shocked her fans, last year, by losing a lot of weight, especially since she was famous since her artistic beginnings with an increase in weight.


Adele sends message Saudi Arabia Video

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