Anger in Vietnam after 13 dogs were killed because their owners were infected with the Corona virus – Jerusalem

Hanoi – (dpa) – The killing of 13 dogs in Vietnam due to the infection of their owners with the Corona virus, sparked a great wave of anger across the official media and social networking sites.

The two dogs fled from Long An County on Friday to return to Ca Mau County in an attempt to escape the worst fate of the epidemic.

The couple arrived at a medical checkpoint in Khanh Hong on Saturday and tested positive for the coronavirus. Then the local health care authorities decided to cull all the dogs, fearing that the animals would be infected with the virus as well.

Dr Tuan Nguyen, Professor of Predictive Medicine at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, said: “Scientifically, there is no evidence that dogs transmit corona to humans. Not yet, so the decision to kill dogs is unscientific.”

“It is a cruel and unethical act,” he added.

Pictures of dogs during the 300-kilometre journey had already spread to the Vietnamese media as the couple struggled to transport their pets on an old motorbike.

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