Abdul Rahman Al-Mutairi buys a “camel” to enter the world of camel benefits • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Tweeters circulated on Twitter a video clip of the famous “Snapchat”, Abdul Rahman Al-Mutairi, showing his new camel that he acquired and intending through it to enter the world of camel charms.

The video showed “Al-Mutairi” standing in front of the camel, which was covered with the Saudi flag and its color was white, and talked about sending it to “Fahl” in order to obtain a high-quality production.

And Abdul Rahman Al-Mutairi expressed his joy in acquiring the camel, saying: “I don’t know, by God, until then, who hit it with him, I mean, who sent the camel to him on a good camel to hit it… Hurray with millions.”


Abdul Rahman AlMutairi buys camel enter world camel benefits Marsad Newspaper

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