“Poet of the Million” in interviews with Kuwaiti poets

“Poet of the Million” in interviews with Kuwaiti poets
“Poet of the Million” in interviews with Kuwaiti poets

Abu Dhabi (Etihad)
The jury of the “Million’s Poet” program, in its tenth season, interviewed, over a two-day period, the poets in the State of Kuwait via direct video communication technology, from Al Raha Beach Theater in Abu Dhabi.
Sultan Al-Amimi, Director of the Poetry Academy and a member of the program’s jury, said: “The first days of the Kuwait interview were a good start, and the number of poets was large, different participations in terms of type and quality, beautiful levels, poets participating for the first time, and poets who participated in previous seasons.”
Dr. Ghassan Al-Hassan, a member of the jury, explained that the jury was in front of different levels, meaning there is no fixed level, but there are those who are capable and have strong experience in poetry and poem that contain many arts and high level, adding: «There are people on Lead them “because this stage is the stage of selection, and therefore poets vary between the benefactor, the glorified, and the ordinary person.”
The poet Hamad Al-Saeed, a member of the jury, stressed that the Kuwait station is always one of the distinguished stations of the poets’ levels, and that Kuwait is the source of the stars, and this is a reality we have lived through in the past nine editions, and they confirm in the tenth edition their right to excellence.
It is noteworthy that the State of Kuwait presented in the past seasons distinguished poets who proved their presence and strong competition, and they carried Bayrak of the Million Poet during the fourth and seventh seasons. Seventh.
The Cultural and Heritage Festivals and Programs Committee in Abu Dhabi, the producer of the “Million’s Poet”, had earlier announced the organization of five remote tours (by means of video communication) for the poets’ interview stage in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the State of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the Sultanate of Oman. And the closing tour in the United Arab Emirates.
The Million Poet program will broadcast the jury’s interviews with the poets in the five rounds within recorded episodes broadcast before the start of the live episodes, which will include the poets’ poems that were recited before the jury and the committee’s interaction with it, in addition to more details and behind the scenes of the tours and accompanying interviews.


Poet Million interviews Kuwaiti poets

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