A source for Reuters: Lebanon has entered complete darkness

An official Lebanese source told Reuters, on Saturday, that the country entered complete darkness after the two largest power stations were out of service due to a lack of fuel.

The source said, “The Electricity Network of Lebanon completely stopped working at noon today, and it is unlikely that it will work until next Monday or for several days.”

The last thermal plant stopped working at Al-Zahrani station after Deir Ammar plant stopped working on Friday due to the lack of fuel.

The source added that Electricité du Liban is trying to use the army’s stockpile of fuel oil to operate one of the two stations temporarily, but that will not happen soon.

Most of the Lebanese depend on private diesel generators, despite the short supply.

The fuel crisis resulted from a financial collapse that has wracked the Lebanese economy since 2019, as the currency lost about 90 percent of its value and more than three-quarters of the population slipped into poverty.

On Wednesday, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) affirmed its quest to increase the supply of electricity generation at the community level in Lebanon, increase the cost-effectiveness, environmental friendliness, sustainability and reliability of energy supply, and promote an enabling environment for renewable energy.

In a statement, the agency added that, on September 24, the agency awarded a contract to IMC Worldwide, Inc. to implement Innovative Activity in Affordable Renewable Energy for All (INARA), within the framework of providing basic assistance and services (IDEAS), a project designed to provide up to To $29 million in order to provide reliable and sustainable energy in all regions of Lebanon.

“We are excited to present this new project, which will target all areas of Lebanon and improve the delivery of basic services,” said Agency Director of Mission, Elaine Devitt.

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