I decided on the 11th, not just depending on Eran Zahavi

I decided on the 11th, not just depending on Eran Zahavi
I decided on the 11th, not just depending on Eran Zahavi

The Israeli team will go up tomorrow (Saturday, 19:00) for a big game against Scotland in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, with the Scots with 11 points and we with 10 at home.

Natcho He said: “I am no longer young and it is important for me to get to a big tournament, it could be the biggest moment in my career if we go up. We believe in ourselves, we have a cohesive team and the balance of power between the two teams is quite close even if it is a bit in their favor. There is no clear favorite for this game, each team has its advantages. We are missing some players but I believe in who is and also in the new ones that have been called. The burden of proof is on us and we want to make history. I do not think we have a barrier in away games. With a little luck we will also do what we want. We need to give an outstanding performance to achieve our goal.

Does the coach consult with him for professional reasons: “When you reach a certain status in the team or in the national team, then there is a consultation. I talked to Willie and it will of course remain ours, but it does not matter who plays, because whoever is called deserves it and everyone gets the chance. The burden of proof is on those who will play, both for the player who will play for the first time and for the one who will play in the 81st appearance. Everyone knows the importance of the game. “

Willy Rotensteiner He said: “I already feel at home in this stadium, it will be full and that is an advantage for Scotland. We have clear offensive qualities but in my opinion Scotland is a clear favorite. If we win the whole of Europe will talk about us, a great challenge awaits us. “I put a lot of thought into the lineup and I have the 11 starters, something that of course I will not share at the moment because the Scots are here and I will not give them this advantage.”

The Austrian continued: “If Scotland wins, they will be in second place. If it ends in a draw, it will be close until the end. If we win the game then we will win one set and no more. We have other tough games where we need to score points. Austria did not say the last word about second place. I cannot be a national team coach if I am hesitant or unsure of myself. One has to decide and give clear answers all the time. I believe we have a chance and we have only what to gain here. Everyone knows that if we win it will be a huge success. Our chances are not bad. “

Willie added: “Scotland have 11 players in the Premier League, we need to prove we can play at that level. Again, it’s perfectly clear who the favorite is and we have only what to gain. In the previous game we dominated the first half, we have to be good 90 minutes to win, also in the second half unlike the previous game. Both teams could have won the game and he was equal. I think we played a great 25 minutes in Denmark, but in the end we made mistakes and were punished. “

“We prepared for this moment to get ready and I believe we will do it. We are not just dependent on Eran Zahavi. We have top players, but we are a team. Every player gives everything for Eran as he gives everything for them. He is a role model for young players and it is important that they learn from him. It is an essential process and can be measured over a period of 3 years. There is progress in Israeli football, also in the league. “There are great talents here that will shine in the future, but that will not necessarily happen in this game already.”

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