What are the secrets of newspapers? | The official website of the new channel

What are the secrets of newspapers? | The official website of the new channel
What are the secrets of newspapers? | The official website of the new channel


• The head of a prominent political party insisted on participating in all the meetings and occasions of an old Christian party, considering that its dean and head had many predecessors.

• Some of the expatriates began to support public and private schools in their cities and towns, free of any role for any official or party agency.

• The mayor of Salihiya – east of Sidon found no other justification for his decision to discriminate in wages between males and females than to launch a Facebook attack on “An-Nahar” because it lit up the issue in terms of gender and nothing more.


• One of the officials expressed his belief that the task of the Mikati government is to move the country into an atmosphere that will allow the formation of the current majority, and the next will prove that.

• Diplomatic sources justified the reasons for the presence of the ambassador of a foreign country in a café in a sensitive area as a message about the stable security in Lebanon.

• A senior official was quoted as saying that he would not hesitate for a moment to reveal to the public opinion, by name, any attempt to distort the government’s reforms from the principles of integrity, efficiency and impartiality.


• A visiting minister listened with interest to Lebanon’s point of view regarding what should be done to relieve pressure on Lebanon by keeping it away from the quarrels at this stage.

• The official guarantor hospital institutions recorded a huge decline, without the measures taken to correct the dire situation.

• Some of the deputies who participated in the committees’ session noted that the “exchange of messages” was clear, with regard to the blocs competing for the electoral law amendments.

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• So far, no specialized advisory team has joined the Grand Serail, with the exception of some old advisors and an office manager for the Prime Minister.

• It is reported that well-known contracting companies do not show any interest in withdrawing the books of conditions put forward by the Council for Development and Reconstruction because they are in the national currency.

• It was noteworthy that the “Nour” radio station, which spoke on behalf of “Hezbollah”, violently criticized the “Lebanese Communist Party” and described it as affiliated with the NGO’S, alluding to the fact that it receives funding and instructions from it.

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• A minister holding a sovereign portfolio makes decisive stances regarding more than one entitlement, despite the ambiguity of the scene.

• An ancient political party tends to discuss its electoral alliances on its own terms, unlike previous times.


• An Arab diplomat said that Saudi Arabia informed France that Lebanon does not fall within its priorities until after the start of the political track in Yemen, which occupies the position of priority in Saudi concerns, and that the Saudi leadership is not concerned with any of the Lebanese leaders under the name of allies of Saudi Arabia.

• Iranian sources said that the offer made by the Foreign Minister during his visit to Lebanon to establish electricity generation plants includes Iranian financing that it is difficult for any other country to compete with, and it is open to including many advantages if the Lebanese government decides to deal with it seriously, including providing the necessary fuel for operation.

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