A “masculine” blow to Lebanese women!

The “males” of Parliament dropped the proposal for a women’s quota law in the elections, which was presented by Representative Inaya Ezz, to the extent that her bloc (the Development and Liberation bloc) “failed her.”

After withdrawing from the joint committees session, Representative Enaya Ezz El-Din expressed her regret, saying: “I say to all the women of Lebanon and to the men of Lebanon who believe in women’s right to participate in political decisions and in making national policies, that until now these policies contain nitrates and mismanagement.”

She added in a statement, “For decades, the Lebanese woman, who constitutes more than 50 percent of this Lebanese society and possesses the same capabilities as she possesses and requires all sacrifices from her and has preserved the country in all fields, the parliamentary blocs did not bother themselves to discuss the details of the quota.”

And she continued, “I would like to say to all the women in the political parties, that the issue of women’s support and participation is a cosmetic title for them, and I do not think that they are convinced of the issue. They did not accept to discuss the details, and did not even accept the proposal to participate in the next elections after 2022. The Prime Minister said They want to keep the woman in their heart, I don’t know how much she is in their heart or their heart, the issue of the women’s quota is not even present in their minds.

And she added, “The issue was not discussed, as in the previous elections. It is a fanfare without flour, and the women have to make the decision. I don’t know what it is, that is, what is the means by which we will exert pressure on this reality, which unfortunately is rooted in mentalities.”

In this context, a member of the Future Parliamentary Bloc, Representative Rola Al-Tabash Jaroudi, tweeted, on her account via “Twitter”, writing: “With a masculine blow, the Parliament, by the majority, dropped the proposal for a women’s quota law in the elections, dispelling hope for an initiative that opens the way for a broader participation of Lebanese women in the matter. The year, and she proved highly efficient in all the fields she competed in. We lost a round, but we will continue to raise the women’s flag always.”

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