Warning| Neglecting wounds and washing teeth causes serious heart disease that is difficult to diagnose

Dr. Khaled Hamed, a specialist in cardiology and cardiac catheterization, warned against neglecting wounds, as well as neglecting the gums and not paying attention to brushing the teeth once or twice a day, as this causes a serious heart disease that is difficult to diagnose and treat.

And Hamed explained, in exclusive statements to Al-Mustaqbal, that neglecting wounds and not washing the teeth leads to the inflammation of the bacterial mitral valve in the heart (Acute Infective Endocarditis of the Mitral valve).

He pointed out that this inflammation occurs as a result of the transmission of fierce bacteria from the skin or gums into the bloodstream, which “nests” inside this “thin” valve and grows and multiplies and leads to pus, which causes the valve to lose its shape and function in trapping blood after pumping from the heart, so the blood returns to the The heart muscle causes severe weakness, and it may lead to a rare disease that is difficult to diagnose and treat, and often requires rapid surgical intervention to change the mitral valve with a metal valve.

He said that to avoid the occurrence of inflammation of the mitral valve, the entry of bacteria into the blood through the skin or gums must be prevented, stressing, in this context, the need to pay attention to the cleanliness and disinfection of any wound in the body, and if an infection occurs in the wound or the place of an operation, care must be taken to treat it immediately and follow up with the specialist doctor Until completely cured, to prevent the transmission of bacteria to the mitral valve.

He continued, “It is also necessary to brush the teeth once or twice a day, to maintain the health of the gums and to stay away from smoking in order not to give an entrance for bacteria to enter the bloodstream.”

The cardiologist pointed out that heart patients are more susceptible to mitral valve inflammation, so they must maintain great attention to the cleanliness of the skin and gums, and if the heart patient has to perform any dental operations, he must first visit the cardiologist to give him a preventive antibiotic.

Dr. Khaled Khamed also stressed not to use any non-sterile medical tools, or that were used twice for the same person, in addition to properly sterilizing hospitals and operating rooms, and providing “respectful” medical care to the patient after any operation.

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