A doctor reveals the “killer” seed for humans.. Attention

A doctor reveals the “killer” seed for humans.. Attention
A doctor reveals the “killer” seed for humans.. Attention

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Thursday 07 October 2021

Just as there are seeds that are rich in health, there is a fatal role that some seeds play when ingested by humans.
And the Russian nutrition expert, Natalia Sycheva, revealed that the seeds are multiple and different, and therefore their effect on humans varies according to the species.
Sycheva pointed out that pumpkin seeds, for example, have a positive effect on the nervous system, unlike sunflower seeds, which have a negative impact on human health and can be “fatal” if eaten excessively, according to “Sputnik”.
The expert explained that the benefits of seeds depend on the plant, and the seeds from which a person eats, and therefore the properties of sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds differ, considering that pumpkin seeds have many therapeutic properties for humans unlike others.
“It has a fairly large amount of magnesium which has a good effect on the nervous system. This is important because now everyone is under chronic stress and the seeds will be very beneficial,” she said of the most important properties of pumpkin seeds.
As for sunflower seeds, the expert said: “They are high in fat-soluble vitamins A, E and D. At the same time, they also contain a lot of omega-6 semi-saturated fatty acids.”
She emphasized that due to the presence of little omega-3 in the seeds, the proportion of fatty acids can be disrupted, which negatively affects immunity and inflammatory processes in the body.


doctor reveals killer seed humans Attention

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