Shocking statements .. Yasmine Sabry, “I believe what is said about me, and I did not seek to change it.”

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The artist, Yasmine Sabry, made a series of statements that shocked her fans and followers, as she confirmed that she began to believe that she was not talented, as it is said about her.

She also indicated that this matter had become subconscious to her, and she did not seek to change it because she believed that the public was following her in any case.

She added, in press statements, that she is always looking for a good text because she has a talent that cannot be underestimated.

She indicated that she is a talented artist, but what hinders her is that she did not find a good script, and this is what prevented her from acting last year.

She said that she will return to acting next Ramadan; Because series in Ramadan, such as the European Champions League, attract a large number of viewers in the Middle East, and about the problem of the script, she said that she would write it.

On the reason for Yasmine Sabry writing the text for herself, she said: “There is a real problem in finding good artistic texts, and this is what prompted me to use my imagination to write a story from our real life rich in real events that we can all be exposed to.

The script is an essential factor for the success of any movie or series, so I made my decision not to participate in any artwork that is not based on a unique story.

I have been writing and writing the script with a group of writers since May, and I can say that I am the author of the story.”

She stressed that she is grateful for the dazzling beauty that God gave her, and added that besides beauty, God gave her many other qualities, noting the importance of inner beauty.


Shocking statements Yasmine Sabry seek change

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