They killed him in Tripoli and these details!

They killed him in Tripoli and these details!
They killed him in Tripoli and these details!

The General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces – Public Relations Division issued the following communication:

On 9/29/2021 in the locality of al-Tal, the citizen (F.N., born in 1959) was found dead and covered in blood inside his house, with a blow to the head and handcuffed, with cloth around his neck and traces of glass and blood on his bed, and the contents of the house were scattered and stolen. Inside were watches, money, the victim’s phone and wallet.

Subsequently, orders were given to the competent units in the Information Division of the Internal Security Forces to uncover the circumstances of the crime and to identify and arrest those involved.

As a result of intensive investigations and investigations, the Division was able, in less than 24 hours, to identify the perpetrators of the crime, who are:

st. NS. (born in 1990, Lebanese)

n. NS. (born in 1989, Lebanese)

NS. p. (Born in 1989, Maktumat Al-Region) She is the first wife of (M.M.)

NS. NS. (born in 1999, Syria), and she is (S.M.’s) second wife

On 9-30-2021, and after a careful monitoring and control process, the force of the Information Division managed to carry out a tight ambush in the Al-Bushrieh Dam locality, which led to the arrest of all the aforementioned.

In a search of the first house, a military pistol, /9/ watches, money and a phone (stolen from the victim’s house), and a quantity of drugs were seized.

By interrogating them, they confessed that they all participated in the execution of the murder of the victim with the motive of stealing from inside his house, from a previous conception and design. Her husband, who was waiting in his car in the vicinity of the house, accompanied by the rest of those involved, entered the house, and at the agreed-upon moment (HM) and his first wife entered the house, and hit the victim with the butt of his pistol on the head, then (H.M.) hit him with a glass bottle, and after that He fell to the ground and lost consciousness. They tied him up and stuffed his mouth and nose and stole what was available in his house, and the second was waiting for them on board the Mercedes in which they fled.

They also admitted that they had attempted to rob the victim’s house, but their attempt was unsuccessful.

By listening to the testimony of the minor girl, she confirmed the previously mentioned facts, and she left to meet a residence document.

The legal requirement was carried out against them, and they were deposited with the seized reference, according to the court’s reference.

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