Inflation peaks in the fall

Inflation peaks in the fall
Inflation peaks in the fall
The International Monetary Fund said on Wednesday that general consumer price inflation is set to peak this fall and ease to pre-pandemic levels by mid-2022, but supply risks may keep it high.

The IMF’s baseline forecasts show that inflation in advanced economies will peak at 3.6 percent in the fall of 2021 and drop to around 2 percent by mid-2022.

Emerging market and developing economies will see inflation fall to around 4 percent next year, after hitting a peak of 6.8 percent this fall.

The IMF said that inflation was recently driven by a sharp increase in demand and accumulation in savings, fueled by fiscal and monetary stimulus, rapid increases in commodity prices, shortages of inputs and disruptions in supply chains.

He added that a 40 percent jump in global food prices since the beginning of the pandemic has severely affected low-income countries.


Inflation peaks fall

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