Jordan will open its markets for Lebanese apples starting from the 15th of this month – Al-Manar TV website – Lebanon

Jordan will open its markets for Lebanese apples starting from the 15th of this month – Al-Manar TV website – Lebanon
Jordan will open its markets for Lebanese apples starting from the 15th of this month – Al-Manar TV website – Lebanon

The Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Abbas Al-Hajj Hassan, announced that Jordan will open its doors to Lebanese apples as of October 15. He stressed that “the issue of cannabis will soon be put into practice.”

During a meeting with the employees of the Agriculture Department in Baalbek, which was attended by the Director-General, Dr. Louis Lahoud, and the head of the department in Baalbek-Hermel Governorate, Dr. Mahmoud Abdullah, Minister Hajj Hassan said: “I start today with meetings. On the ground, municipalities, municipal unions and all employees of the Ministry of Agriculture made a promising new start in terms of developing plans and working to implement them as well.

He stressed that “the Ministry of Agriculture launched from the first day a real emergency plan for all Lebanese regions, and this plan includes two parts: an internal one to arrange the internal work and keep pace with the projects being implemented, and an external one to open new horizons and new markets for the Lebanese product, as well as the continuous and continuous partnership with the Arab brothers and the Gulf brothers and the rest The brotherly and friendly Arab countries, and of course the brothers in Syria, as well as the European and American countries.”

He added: “Today I would like to talk about something that concerns Lebanon as a whole and the region of Baalbek-Hermel and the Bekaa in particular. It is the issue of cannabis, and this is a central and essential matter today for many reasons, and we all know that the law exists and was approved, and therefore awaits the executive decrees in the Council of Ministers, and we have promised the best of the President’s State. Najib Mikati, and he began communicating with the relevant ministries, and therefore, God willing, soon this matter will be put into practice. Like Akkar and Baalbek-Hermel, this matter will have internal and external positives. As for the interior, it is the revival of the region, and it will be a basic and central alternative to the cultivation of cannabis, which has been greatly reduced in the region, but some farmers are still resorting to it, and of course the stifling economic crisis does not justify this, but This is a reality, and therefore the cultivation of cannabis will take us far, meaning that we will be present in the international scene as an aid country in the issue of global health security, and we will also be present strongly in the international stage as a country that helps the international community But in this regard.”

Hajj Hassan concluded: “Good news bled for apple growers and exporters, and as you know, the Bekaa has a large share in the issue of apples. Yesterday, a contact took place between me and the Jordanian Minister of Agriculture, and he assured me that, according to the agricultural calendar, there is progress, and starting from the 15th of this October, Jordan will open its doors to Lebanese products. And apples in particular, and God willing, there will be new doors that will open wide, whether on the issue of apples, potatoes or other products. Today, we need the Lebanese product, and agricultural products in particular, to be our ambassadors around the world.

Source: National Media Agency

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