Federal Judge Temporarily Suspends Texas Abortion Restriction Law

Federal Judge Temporarily Suspends Texas Abortion Restriction Law
Federal Judge Temporarily Suspends Texas Abortion Restriction Law

Washington – AFP
A US federal judge on Wednesday issued a decision to temporarily suspend a law imposing severe restrictions on abortions in the state of Texas, following an appeal by the administration of President Joe Biden against the controversial law.
In his ruling, which the State of Texas can appeal, Justice Robert Pittman wrote, “This court will not permit this appalling denial of a right of such importance to continue for one day.”
A law passed by the conservative southern state bans abortion as soon as a fetus’s heartbeat can be monitored, which usually occurs around the sixth week of pregnancy, but most women may not be aware they are pregnant at this early stage of their pregnancy.
Also, the law, which went into effect on September 1 and was strongly condemned by the Democratic president, prohibits abortion after this period even if the pregnancy was caused by incest or rape, and the only exception allowed is in cases of medical emergency only.
The Biden administration challenged the law as contravening the provisions of the US Constitution, based on previous decisions of the Supreme Court.
In 1973 the Supreme Court issued a ruling that set a precedent, as it guaranteed the right of a woman to voluntarily terminate her pregnancy as long as her fetus was unable to survive outside her womb, that is, until about 22 weeks from the start of pregnancy.
In recent years, other states have passed similar laws to restrict abortion, but all have been overturned on the basis of a Supreme Court ruling.
Likewise, the Texas law includes an unprecedented procedure, as it is not up to the authorities to ensure that its effects are implemented, but is “exclusively” the prerogative of individuals who are encouraged by law to file a civil complaint against organizations or persons who assist women with abortion.


Federal Judge Temporarily Suspends Texas Abortion Restriction Law

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