Israel national team alert: “There is an expectation for something big”

Israel national team alert: “There is an expectation for something big”
Israel national team alert: “There is an expectation for something big”

Two days before the big game of the Israeli team against Scotland in Hampden Park and the feeling among the players is that they would like to get on the grass in Glasgow tonight. “For a long time we did not feel that way,” said one of the players last night. “It’s a great feeling that once again there is interest around the team and once again there is an expectation of something big. This time we hope to meet the big challenge and win.”

There is a progress graph. Willie Rotensteiner | Bernie Ardov

Players on the team testified last night (Wednesday) that they receive on this trip all the professional and relevant information both about Scotland and an analysis of the team’s problems that stood out in the defeat against Denmark last month. “No one will be able to say that we did not receive maximum preparation,” testified one of the players. “What is given on Saturday on the grass is already something else. It already depends on what everyone will bring of themselves and of course on the opponent who is a strong team that will receive huge support from 50,000 spectators.”

Beyond the natural excitement, Willie Rotensteiner builds confidence for the players and emphasizes to them in every conversation that he is completely convinced of the players’ ability to return from Scotland with 3 points. At one of the meetings, the national coach said: “If we do not make mistakes and do not allow easy goals, it will be ours.” Tal Ben Haim, who was brought in as the coach of the defensive players, also instills faith in various conversations he holds.

Rotensteiner talked to almost every player personally and also through the messages he received, he wants to build the right eleven and within them the three brakes. It is estimated that by the end of tonight’s training, the Austrian will already know who will be placed alongside Nir Bitton in the center of defense.

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