Our vaccine against corona is safe and effective..and soon our modern manufacture will be local

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population in Egypt, Dr. Khaled Megahed, confirmed that the Egyptian Corona vaccine, “Sinovac Vaccera”, is safe and effective, and there is no difference between the Egyptian and Chinese, announcing that the “Moderna” vaccine will be manufactured locally in the near future.

He pointed out that the Egyptian vaccine is produced with the same techniques as the foreigner and is well tested, and “there is no difference between it and any imported foreign vaccine,” according to what was reported by the Egyptian media, adding: “All vaccines have effectiveness rates ranging from 86 to 92%.”

Corona vaccine factory in Egypt

Corona vaccine factory in Egypt

From the vaccination campaign with the Corona vaccine in Egypt

Megahed added that Egypt will soon manufacture the “Moderna” vaccine, and we are still in the negotiation stage with the parent company, and continued by saying: “There is a diversity of vaccines in Egypt, and Egypt is one of the countries that obtained quantities of the vaccine to provide vaccinations to citizens.”

The Ministry of Health and Population in Egypt continues to raise its preparations in all governorates of the Republic, follow up on the situation first-hand regarding the Corona virus, and take all necessary preventive measures against any viruses or infectious diseases.

And the Egyptian Ministry of Health recorded 788 new infections with the Corona virus and 37 deaths, yesterday, Wednesday, compared to 778 infections and 39 deaths the previous day.

A ministry spokesman said, “The total number that was registered in Egypt with the new Corona virus until Wednesday, is 309,135, including 261,190 cases that have been cured, and 17,545 deaths.”

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