Learn how to use Chromecast with iPhone

Learn how to use Chromecast with iPhone
Learn how to use Chromecast with iPhone

Chromecast devices work with iPhone in a slightly different way than devices that support AirPlay technologies or Apple TV devices, because you need to connect your Chromecast device with the iPhone through the Google Home app and not without applications as it happens with Android phones, according to aitnews.

Connect Chromecast devices with iPhone

You can connect Chromecast with your iPhone easily by following these steps:

Head to the Apple App Store, and then download the Google Home app via the App Store, but without running it.

After that, connect your Chromecast device to the TV screen via the HDMI port, and then create a new page in Google Home, and link it via your phone with your Google account and the home Wi-Fi network that you use to connect.

Then head to your Google Home app, search for your Chromecast device, and you may find a Wi-Fi network in your device’s name or you can connect it via Bluetooth.

And when you are done connecting the device with your iPhone, you can now use it easily.

Stream content directly from your phone to Chromecast

You can stream content through the Google Home app, not through AirPlay or the clip and photo library.

You can use the Google Home app through the following steps:

Head to the app, and then choose the Chromecast device you want to stream the content to by selecting Media in the main interface.

You will find a special section called Manage your system, and you can click on the word video in this section and choose the application from the list that appears to you.

And you can choose any application you want through the list that appears to you, as it shows you a group of various and different applications.

You can choose any app you want through it, and you can connect Netflix, Disney Plus, or other content streaming apps.

When you choose to link your app account, the app will show you a confirmation message to tell you if you want to link the app or not.

Once you confirm that you want to link the app, you can open the app directly on your phone and stream the content to Chromecast.

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