Suhair Al-Babli kidnaps hearts in her latest appearance

Suhair Al-Babli kidnaps hearts in her latest appearance
Suhair Al-Babli kidnaps hearts in her latest appearance

The star, Suhair Al-Babli, caught the eye in her latest appearance, after appearing in a funny video clip, in which she criticized methods of communication between people in light of the spread of the Corona virus.

The able comedian, Suhair Al-Babli, appeared, expressing her dissatisfaction with people kissing each other when they met, in light of the spread of the epidemic virus, and she expressed her dissatisfaction in her own way, in which she kidnapped hearts.

Suhair drew attention very spontaneously, saying: “I do not understand why we must kiss and kiss, and if people do not greet each other and insult each other, they become upset and quarrel. They stop kissing each other, and by God, children of the beans, if you quarrel because you will not kiss and do not do it, be aware! I have it here in The house is all forbidden, there is no one with us at all.”

Users of social networking platforms circulated the video clip in which Suhair Al-Babli appeared, and recalled their memories with the famous star and her artwork, so that the comments varied between comments that expressed the owners’ amazement at the change in the features of the able star, and others expressed their strong love and love for her.

The most noticeable thing about the video was the appearance of signs of age on her features, but despite her changing features, she still retains a special beauty and spontaneity in her expressions that grabbed hearts. This was not the first appearance of Suheir after her advanced age, but the journalist Omar had published a picture of her during his meeting with her.

The journalist Omar Zahran published a picture of him with the artist Suhair Al-Babli on his account on Facebook during his meeting with her, after she asked him to visit her. Suhair tells you to gather immediately.”

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