The cheapest car in the market.. Lada Granta 2022 prices after the latest increase

The “Lada” Granta 2022 model is considered one of the cheapest cars in the Egyptian market, which has been very popular with motorists, and the prices of the Lada Granta 2022 model have increased at the end of last August, and this was the first time to increase the prices of this model, but the local agent of the brand announced Lada Commercial recently imposed another official increase on the same model.

The agent of “Lada” in Egypt published a statement on the latest prices of the car after the price increase, which ranges between 3 to 4 thousand pounds, according to the price category, which was put up in three categories within the Egyptian local market.

Lada Granta 2022

The power and specifications of the Lada Granta 2022

The new “Lada” Granta 2022 model is distinguished by its adoption of a four-cylinder engine, a capacity of 1600 cc, producing a power of 98 hp and a maximum torque of 145 Nm, connected to a four-speed transmission, and the car accelerates from a standing position to 100 km / h, within 11.4 seconds, average fuel consumption is about 6.8 liters, when traveling distances of up to 100 km.

The car comes with a huge package of equipment and luxuries, most notably front fog lights, an electric windshield with the feature to control the opening and closing of windows via the remote control, a complete noise isolation system, 14-inch wheels, front fog lights with LED lighting, and the feature of electrically folding the side mirrors. For higher categories in the same model.

Lada Granta 2022

Regarding the prices of the new 2022 Lada Granta car in Egypt:

The first category: at a price of 163 thousand pounds instead of 160 thousand pounds, an increase of 3 thousand pounds.

The second category: at a price of 183 thousand pounds instead of 180 thousand pounds, an increase of 3 thousand pounds.

The third category: at a price of 192 thousand pounds instead of 188 thousand pounds, an increase of 4 thousand pounds.

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