Riots in the neighborhood: The secularists confronted the ultra-Orthodox for 4 hours

Riots in the neighborhood: The secularists confronted the ultra-Orthodox for 4 hours
Riots in the neighborhood: The secularists confronted the ultra-Orthodox for 4 hours

Members of the Lithuanian community in the ‘Batzavta’ neighborhood in Harish tried to set up a tent for a synagogue, but after four hours of clashes with secular extremists who came to interfere, the religious council was called and ordered the tent to be dismantled.

A riot broke out last night (Wednesday) in Harish, when a group of secular residents came to confront a group of ultra-Orthodox residents who had begun building a tent for a synagogue in the ‘Batzavta’ neighborhood of the city.

The students started setting up the tent on a desolate area in the neighborhood, so as not to reach a state of prayer meetings in mud and puddles of water, as a result of the rains that fall during the winter.

One of the residents told Behadrei Haredim that the secular extremists tried to prevent the construction of the tent and confronted the students who locked the compound, after four hours of riots, and the intervention of dozens of police officers who arrived – the (religious) mayor Yitzhak Keshet was called. The tent.

Behadrei Haredim has learned that the Lithuanian community, whose members set up the tent, was not left alone in the campaign, and all the Haredi communities in the neighborhood went out to support the struggle, including the Pharisee community, Toldot Aharon and the Shabbat Ahim community of Mizrahi leaders led by Rabbi Alkabetz.

Mayor Yitzhak Keshet later wrote: “Tonight I ordered the immediate dismantling of a prayer tent set up without a permit in a public area in the Tzavta neighborhood. City employees dismantled the tent with police escort.”

“Around the construction of the tent, a difficult event took place tonight from a community point of view: a confrontation between secular residents and ultra-Orthodox residents that escalated into real violence.”

“This occurrence is unbearable to me. Bullying behavior is out of the question. I strongly oppose any attempt by any party to unilaterally establish facts in the public space, so I decided that the tent would be dismantled immediately.”

“I want to convey a clear message to everyone from here: plowing is a mixed city, a city of everyone – secular, religious and ultra-Orthodox. Those who do not want to live together, probably plowing is not suitable for him. Facts on the ground unilaterally will encounter a decisive and uncompromising response. “

“I recognize the need for a synagogue in the neighborhood and we are working on solutions, but that’s not the way. Things will be done in an orderly fashion as they were done in the older neighborhoods. Also a good will and a willingness to live together so that it is possible to live in the neighborhood – together, “the mayor said in a statement.


Riots neighborhood secularists confronted ultraOrthodox hours

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