Mars will disappear tomorrow .. and communications with him will be cut off for two weeks!

The National Institute for Astronomical Research revealed that with tomorrow, Friday, Mars will pass close to the sun, as its orbit around the sun will carry it to the far side of the solar system and as far as possible from Earth.

When Mars approaches the Sun, it will appear at an angular distance of only 39 arc minutes from the Sun, making it completely invisible for several weeks, as it will disappear in the glare of the Sun.

This coincides with the presence of Mars at approximately the same time at its farthest distance from Earth, as it will retreat to a distance of 2.63 astronomical units (an astronomical unit is the average distance between the Earth and the Sun and equal to approximately 150 million km). On two opposite sides of the solar system.

The sun will be between the Earth and Mars, and Mars will appear in the smallest and faintest appearance from the Earth because of its large distance, and its angular diameter will shrink to 3.6 arc seconds, according to “Al Arabiya Net.”

All communications to and from spacecraft exploring Mars will be suspended during the period of Mars conjunction with the Sun, which may cause distortion in signals from ground control units to vehicles on Mars and back, or the loss of any important data due to the impact of charged particles emanating from the Sun.

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