The insurance hospital dollar has become “fresh”… How much will the policy cost?

Written by Patricia Galad in a “home callAn additional burden is added to the living concerns that burden the poor citizen and the person with limited or even stolen income in the national currency. The “insurance dollar” has become “fresh” as well, within the “Trend”)TrendThe dollarization that appears gradually forcibly, with the hospitals requesting to obtain the cost of the hospital bill in cash.

After the insurance companies “failed” to cover the insured who hold hospital and laboratory policies, contrary to what is stated in the contract signed between them and the insured, and thus the insured hospitals incur the value of the differences due to the high exchange rate of the dollar from 1500 to 18,000 thousand Syrian pounds over a period of nearly two years, and the subsidy was lifted Regarding diesel, medical supplies and medicines… The insurance companies have decided their issue and decided, since the beginning of this month, to charge hospital policies premiums in “Fresh dollars” only to meet the payments of hospitals that seek to pay their bills in cash and in green currency.

Installment cost

At this time last year, insurance companies were still charging insurance policies according to the official exchange rate, i.e. 1500 pounds to the dollar, but in March 2021 they raised their insurance dollars to an average rate of 3900 pounds, after hospital owners did not accept the calculation of the dollar on the official price . In the current year, a ruling was issued to liberalize the exchange rate of the hospital lira against the dollar, recording a significant leap, with the dollar calculating the black market exchange rate..

This raises questions about the cost that the insured will pay for the premium of the insurance policy per person. If he pays $1,000, for example, i.e. a value of 5,850 million Lebanese pounds based on the 3,900 pounds per dollar, will the figure turn into 18 million Lebanese pounds, an increase of about 12,150 million Lebanese pounds, if the dollar is calculated at the price of 18,000 pounds, which is An increase that is considered fictional for those who do not have any other guarantor, such as social security and the cooperative…?

George Mahfoud, underwriting manager for hospitalization and life at Arup Insurance Company, explained that the price of the “Fresh” hospital insurance policy will decrease by 25% from its basic price, which means that it will become almost a thousand dollars policy at a value of $750, or the equivalent of 13,500 million pounds, an increase of more than three times..

The irony is that the pricing of premiums is not calculated according to the rise in the dollar exchange rate on the black market only, but also based on the cost that rose after the subsidy was lifted. As the cost of one operation may have been in the past, for example, at a value of $ 3000 today, and after lifting the support, it became $ 7000.

The obligation of the insured to pay the cash dollar puts the insured who do not receive a “cash” dollar, and they are the majority, in front of the reality of not renewing the insurance policy due to the high cost that it will incur, especially for those who receive their salary in Lebanese pounds and do not have a source of income in dollars or are unable to buy “green currency.” “From the black market if the company insists on charging the premium in green currency, which constitutes a secondary channel to put pressure on the black market, so that paying in Lebanese pounds will be very expensive and costly and need tens of millions, especially for those who guarantee his family, with the value of the premium being calculated according to the black market price. So, “how is the whole thing?” The cost is unacceptable in light of the miserable situation that citizens are living in, with the currency collapsing by more than 80%.

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