The new salary schedule in Saudi Arabia 1443 with details

Some time ago, the government announced the new salary schedule, which was provided in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as during each period the government is keen to provide a schedule for the salaries that every citizen receives, and this will make him aware and aware of the salary he deserves, as it is It will make him aware of the exact date of payment of salaries, and during this article we will explain more details.

New payroll 1443

It is an approved table that all employees receive in the Kingdom, and it also includes the wages that the employee receives in exchange for his job, and this table helped to know all the details of the salary calculation, and the table for this year is the same as last year without any change, but Nevertheless, many citizens want to see the table, which consists of about fifteen degrees.

New salary scale for teaching positions

The government has also recently provided a salary scale for all employees in many different educational jobs, as there were many different amendments, to this scale, especially in salaries, and the aim was to increase the annual income and increase the rates of bonuses, and annual bonuses, as these The increase will start with about 450 Saudi riyals until it reaches 640 Saudi riyals, and the practicing teacher will receive bonuses and rewards about 21 thousand Saudi riyals, and in this way the salary will be increased from the old ladder, and every year the teachers will receive bonuses in appreciation of each Their efforts with the students, and this reward amounts to about 500 Saudi riyals, in addition to that, the person gets multiple promotions from time to time, but his estimate must not be less than very good.

New year’s salary scale

New employee salary scale 1443

Scale of salaries and allowances for educational jobs 1443

It is worth noting that the Saudi government has decided to activate and implement the new salary scale starting from the month of Dhu al-Qa’dah 1443. This amendment includes many advantages, which are summarized in the increase and rewards of retirees and the definition of the career promotion mechanism for the teacher.


salary schedule Saudi Arabia details

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