Afik Israel was launched for an 18 km prologue – running, cycling, triathlon, swimming

The duo Baum Lukas and Eger Georg (winner of Afik Israel 2019) from Germany, are the winners of the prologue stage of Afik Israel for 2021. About 600 riders lined up at the starting line in the courtyard of the Mate Asher Regional Council, for the second Galilee Knights edition of Bra Afik Israel 2021

An 18-kilometer short prologue officially opened the Israel Bus 2021 competition, the eighth edition of the Israel Bus and the second which takes place in the Western Galilee.

From the competition village, the pairs of competitors set out one minute apart in a southeasterly direction on a flat route towards the city of Acre, one of the most important and beautiful historical icons in Israel and the entire Middle East. After a quick flight along the city promenade, the riders went for a ride in the narrow alleys of the old city to the Knights’ Halls, one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Israel.

Steep climb to the top of the ancient Acre wall Photo: Yoav Lavie, Afik Israel

After a fast ride, full of crowded turns, stairs and narrow passages, the riders got a short but rather steep climb that lifted them to the top of the ancient Acre wall. From there another bit of high-pulse urban riding in the narrow alleys of the old town that meanwhile filled with crowds of local spectators, the riders set out for a sandy and beautiful riding section right on the shoreline. From there on a fast flight back to the competition village in Mate Asher Regional Council.

Prologue results – men

1. Georg Egger, Lukas Baum
2. Karl Markt, Gregor Raggel
3. Guy Niv, Nadav Reisberg

Prologue results – women

1. Hadas Weiss, Adi Madan Rilling
2. Amanda Ganz, Shlomit Ben Ish
3. Rachie Wallfish, Anna Lerner

Mixed couples

1. Shlomi Chaimi, Omar Shapira
2. Omer Lahav, Rotem Gafinovich
3. Tzachi Ben Gigi, Lian Vitkin

Masters 02+

1. Angelo de Veroli, Chaim Dahan
2. Sharon Peer, Nir Zohar
3. Yuval Friedman, Noam Strashnov

Grand Masters 02+

1. Israel Chen, Gil Kashi
2. Nadav Lugsi, Oren Ozard
3. Ziv Anfi, Yaakov Cohen

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