Raviv Drucker in a huge lawsuit against right-wing journalists and radio stations

Raviv Drucker (Photo courtesy of Network 13)

News 13’s political commentator Raviv Drucker sued media outlets Yaakov Bardugo, Noam Fathi and Yotam Zimri and Gali Tzahal, Gali Israel and Radio South radio stations for NIS 1 million yesterday (Wednesday). South, Gali Israel, Fathi and singers half a million shekels and demands from each of the parties to correct their things regarding him.

According to the indictment, the defendants published things attributing to Drucker committing a criminal offense of extortion by threatening Defense Minister Bnei Gantz in an article by Drucker published in Haaretz and on his blog on June 21, 2021. “The defendants said and published that Drucker deliberately refrained from publishing relevant things “Public importance, the publication of which may cause embarrassment to Defense Minister Ganz, who Drucker can publish if he only decides to do so,” the lawsuit said.

Drucker’s publication

As mentioned, on June 21, Drucker published an opinion piece in the newspaper and on the Haaretz website under the headline “Journalists, it’s time to get back to being useful idiots.” Drucker opened the opinion piece at the trial: “Before the April 2019 elections, recordings were sent to me that could have embarrassed Bnei Gantz.” And continued “The source said – listen, transcribe, but do not publish without my permission. From time to time I asked for his permission. He did not approve, but used to add a question with a sting: ‘And if I approved, would you publish?’ The subtext was clear: Will you, who so desperately want Netanyahu to move, publish an investigation that will harm a candidate who is supposed to overthrow him? ”

Later in the article, Drucker said he talked about his journalistic role and the conflict that exists between political opinions and personal interest in the face of journalistic work. Drucker concludes the article with two paragraphs recounting his connections with members of the new government.

Drucker wrote: “Now there is a new government and a new prime minister. It’s not easy to throw the shirt in the trash, it’s not a simple process. It’s going to hurt us. I heard and cringed. They did not. They sincerely got used to thinking we had a shirt and that we were in the same group.

The source of the Gantz-related recordings was eventually refused by Pressman. He refuses to this day. Before the last election, we made a great effort to write a critical article about Yair Lapid. Here, too, the sources did not agree. Maybe they will agree now. “After all, Ganz, Lapid, Bennett, Lieberman, Michaeli and Horowitz are in power today, and it is our job to look for them – even if the other side is happy that we are back to being useful idiots.”

The NIS 1 million lawsuit

According to Drucker, the media said that what was said was done to blackmail the defense minister so that the defense minister would avoid dismantling the established government and not return to a partnership with Benjamin Netanyahu in accordance with Drucker’s political or personal interest. And all these things were said with a criminal attribution such as: “extortion by threats”, “mafia”, Sicilian mafia “,” holding the throat “of the defense minister,” tapping the roof “towards the defense minister with the intention of threatening before attack (like the” tapping the roof “procedure of the IDF (L, warning civilians in enemy territory before attacking the target).

“The serious defamatory publications, as stated above, are a complete lie, and the defendants knew this,” the statement of claim reads. I worked on the defamation, but the article actually did the exact opposite, and the defamation was completely false. , And spread their slanderous lies. ”

IDF explorers responded: “We will not respond to the pending case before the court.” Yotam Zimri and Noam Fathi responded: “Our response will be given to the appropriate courts.”

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  • 2.

    A world with Raviv Drucker is a better, cleaner and more valuable world

    Avi Ganor



    Thank you for your excellent journalistic work and good luck in your justified claim.


  • 1.

    Drucker the man who lies every day ??????




    Only Bibi can sue him for millions


  • You’re living in the wrong movie. (LT)

    Tami Levy



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