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Aden – Yasmine Abdullah Al-Tohamy – Thursday, October 7, 2021

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A new step taken by “Twitter” to reduce the conflicts that result from sharp conversations between its tweeters, by testing a pre-alert feature to monitor such conversations.

This is in an effort by the Twitter site to try to bury sharp conversations before they happen, which when they develop, result in what is known as abusive phrases, racist phrases and toxic expressions that social media platforms fight.

According to Engadt, the new feature is called “heads upIt appears as a warning sign at the top of a tweet that detects signs of a heated conversation about to erupt between two tweeters.

Attached to this warning sign, a set of advice phrases, including the need to take into account the other and respect the opinion and the other opinion does not require intense discussion and exchange.

Currently, this new feature from “Twitter” is still being tested on systems ios And Android.

Twitter has promised its users to provide better quality video uploads than before.

And the Twitter support account said it understands that the quality of uploading new videos, for users, appears in a lower quality than usual.

Twitter promised to fix the problem of poor video quality, by fixing some of the technical defects that caused that annoying crisis, which it resorted to to reduce the platform’s download period.

Twitter has announced that it will reduce the quality of uploading videos and photos to reduce the loading period so that users can run the site faster.

Twitter had previously agreed to pay $809.5 million in exchange for settling a class-action lawsuit brought by stockholders against it in 2016.

In their class action, the investors alleged that Twitter told them that the company’s growth was slowing, while the executives behind them, including former CEO Dick Costolo, co-founders Evan Williams and current CEO, Jack Dorsey, sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of shares of Internal profits,” according to Engadget.

The lawsuit accused Twitter and its executives of violating the Securities Act of 1934.

For its part, Twitter said that the proposed settlement, which has not yet been approved by the court, “resolves all confirmed claims against Twitter and the other defendants mentioned without any admission, waiver or discovery of any error, liability or wrongdoing by the company or any defendant “.

In its statement, Twitter, as well as all the defendants in the class action, denied any wrongdoing.

Twitter plans to use its cash to pay the settlement, and the amount is expected to be paid by the end of this year.

In its fourth quarter earnings report for 2018, Twitter in reporting average daily active users (mDAU) who can earn income from them. She said this is the only engagement metric it will disclose to future investors, in part because it’s a more accurate reflection of how users make money.

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