Al-Quds News Agency – Launching a campaign to support Palestinian refugees in Lebanon

Al-Quds News Agency – Launching a campaign to support Palestinian refugees in Lebanon
Al-Quds News Agency – Launching a campaign to support Palestinian refugees in Lebanon

The Taawon Foundation launched a campaign to raise funds “with the aim of preserving the dignity of the Palestinian refugee in the camps of Lebanon”, under the title “Support the Palestinian Refugee”.

The campaign seeks, according to a statement by the foundation, to “support the poorest families by providing vouchers for basic food items, and subsidizing part of the cost of urgent and life-saving surgeries.”

The campaign comes, according to the statement: “At a time when Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are facing dark days that threaten their lives, perhaps the most difficult days since their asylum in Lebanon. The economic crisis in Lebanon has pushed a large group of people to the brink of extreme poverty, at a time when the lives of marginalized groups, primarily refugees, have become The Palestinians are threatened with the most basic necessities of a decent life.

Sawsan Al-Masry, director of the Welfare Association office in Lebanon, explained that “the campaign was launched to provide emergency support in such delicate circumstances that Lebanon is going through, which left our people in the face of an open humanitarian catastrophe. At a time when the World Food Program announced that 2.2 million residents in Lebanon suffers from food insecurity, we find that nearly half of the Palestinian refugee families in Lebanon live with an income of less than 25 dollars per month, and this is not enough to provide the most basic necessities.

She added: “Through our office in Lebanon, we follow developments in the lives of families inside the camps, especially after the collapse of the national currency and the rise in the prices of basic commodities, in addition to the rise in the hospitalization bill. From this point of view, we designed the campaign to meet the basic and urgent necessities of the refugees’ life, including food. The campaign will continue until the end of next December, and it is open to everyone to support and stand by our people in Lebanon.”

The statement pointed out that “95 percent of the refugees in Lebanon do not have health coverage and depend entirely on UNRWA for hospitalization, but the largest group is also unable to cover the difference in the treatment bill after calculating the UNRWA support.”

Al-Taawon explained that it is an independent institution registered as a branch in Palestine. It was established in 1983 at the initiative of a group of Palestinian and Arab economic and intellectual figures, to become one of the largest institutions operating in Palestine and the refugee camps in Lebanon.

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