News: Official government communication with Damascus… Mikati: We have no problem…

News: Official government communication with Damascus… Mikati: We have no problem…
News: Official government communication with Damascus… Mikati: We have no problem…

Al-Akhbar: Some of what was mentioned in the “Political Scene” section –

For the first time since the outbreak of events in Syria, and the Lebanese division that followed over the position on Damascus, the Lebanese government officially assigned one of its members to communicate with the Syrian authorities to discuss pending issues related to fees on Lebanese trucks that cross Syrian territory on their way to the Arab countries. Note that the visits made by ministers in the previous government and before that were done in person or with the verbal approval of the Prime Minister.

In the first government session in the Grand Serail headed by President Najib Mikati yesterday, Ministers of Industry George Dabakian and Agriculture Abbas Haj Hassan presented the difficulties facing agricultural and industrial exports, specifically with regard to the high cost of transportation.

When Mikati asked the Minister of Public Works and Transport, Ali Hamiyah, about the reasons, the latter explained to him the crisis of high fees on Lebanese trucks crossing Syria to the Arab countries. Then Mikati asked the Minister of Works to communicate with the Syrian side to discuss solutions, stressing that “we have no problem in communicating with anyone, as long as they do not harm the interests of the country.” However, Hamiya insisted that the matter be carried out with an “official assignment.” Mikati agreed and assured him that the government officially assigned him to communicate with his Syrian, Iraqi, Jordanian and Turkish counterparts, and this was recorded in the session minutes at the request of the Minister of Works.

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