What left the French president’s provocative statements to the Algerian people?

What left the French president’s provocative statements to the Algerian people?
What left the French president’s provocative statements to the Algerian people?

French-Algerian relations have witnessed noticeable tensions in recent days. After France’s move to sharply reduce the number of visas for Algerian citizens, French President Emmanuel Macron’s statements came to exacerbate tensions between the two countries.

Macron spoke of an official history of Algeria that has been completely rewritten, which is not based on facts but rather on a rhetoric based on hatred of France.

Macron also challenged the existence of an Algerian nation before the French colonization of the country in 1830, and asked, denouncing whether there was an Algerian nation before French colonialism?

He believed that Algeria was under another colonization before the French colonization, in reference to the Ottoman era between 1514 and 1830.

These hostile statements and actions were followed by a wave of anger among the Algerian government and people. The Algerian authorities recalled their ambassador from Paris and banned the flights of French military planes in the airspace of Algeria.

The Palestinian writer Abdel Bari Atwan drew the attention of the recent developments between the two countries and the successive provocations that Algeria is facing by Emmanuel Macron. The Algerian regime and army, and stressed that it is nothing but a declaration of war against Algeria within the framework of an American-Israeli conspiracy targeting it, and it wants to bring it to its knees, drain it, and dismantle it, similar to what happened in Syria, Libya and Iraq.

Atwan added that President Macron, at the instigation of Israel, does not want a strong Algerian army and a strong Algerian state that possesses the means of strength, with an area of ​​approximately two and a half million square kilometers, rich in oil, gas and minerals, and a mighty, creative and united people enjoying an Islamic, Arab and international national spirit, supporting the just Palestinian cause, and resisting The just Palestinian cause, and resisting the Zionist penetration in the African continent.

Pointing out that these are the real reasons behind this “Macronite” attack against Algeria, and you will inevitably find support from the Israeli occupation state and its new and old Arab friends, and we are talking here about governments, not peoples.

The most prominent pioneers of social media platforms also expressed their rejection of Macron’s statements, as Middle East researcher Firas Abu Hilal wrote on his Twitter page, that France, especially during Macron’s era, is dealing as if it is still running its colonies in North Africa and Lebanon. He blamed the illegitimate governments in the region that helped this colonial mentality. As all of Macron’s recent statements about Algeria and before that his actions towards Lebanon and his attempt to play a role in Iraq all stem from this mentality.

And the academic, “Mohamed Al-Mukhtar Al-Shanqiti,” wrote, saying that the French arrogance is showing its face again. Instead of Macron acknowledging France’s crimes and barbarism against the people of Algeria for 130 years, he questions the existence of an “Algerian nation” before French colonialism and settles between French colonialism and the Ottoman Islamic rule that protected the Maghreb coasts from Crusader attacks for centuries.

In addition, there is a wave of tweets that indicated that Macron with these statements is trying to win the electoral round that he will run on April 23, 2022. Mahmoud Refaat, an “expert in international law,” described Macron’s statements as a cheap lie aimed at satisfying France’s extremists, by humiliating the Algerian people for electoral considerations.

The journalist, “Yasser Al-Zaatreh,” sarcastically tweeted that Macron will become more extremist towards Muslims with the approach of the elections in order to outbid the extreme right. While the Algerian journalist, “Hafsi Ahmed”, considered his statements as courtship in search of a dose of oxygen that would revive Macron’s political future before he was thrown into the dustbin.

It is worth noting that this is the second time that Algeria has summoned its ambassador to Paris, since May 2020, when it summoned its ambassador, Salah Al-Badiwi “immediately”, after broadcasting a documentary about the anti-regime movement in Algeria, on France 5 and the parliamentary channel. Algeria and Paris have been tense and lukewarm for a while, accompanied by the exit of many French companies from Algeria, after the Algerian authorities refused to renew their contracts.

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