Prepare your wallets: iPhone 13 prices in Israel were revealed, and for the first time, the NIS 7,000 line was crossed

The early sale of the iPhone 13 series has already begun, and we finally know its official prices. So how much will iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max cost you? Let’s make an order

Since Apple unveiled the iPhone 13 series about a month ago, many Israelis could not wait for the moment when they could get their hands on the new devices. According to information published in Gikti a few weeks ago, the early sale of the new devices in Israel began tonight (Wednesday to Thursday) when the official sale will begin in the exact week, on October 14. The last piece we were missing in the puzzle is the prices of the new devices, and now we have it too.

what is on the menu?

This time, too, Apple has launched 4 different iPhone models, all of which come with Apple’s new processor, the A15 Bionic, in 5-cm architecture, which according to Apple should be 50% faster than the competition. All new models come with a 20-25% reduced gap, while maintaining Face ID, its biometric identification array.

The iPhone 13 Mini and iPhone 13 come with a brighter display (but at a standard refresh rate), larger batteries and an improved photo array that should absorb much more light, and provide better images with Apple’s optical stabilizer, Sensor Shift. The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max models already come with an upgraded display with support for a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, an even improved photo array with support for macro shots (and the option to play in camera settings), and they too will enjoy an upgrade to battery life.

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Congratulations: We crossed the NIS 7,000 line for a single iPhone

Photo: Giktiim

It will be recalled that all the prices published so far in other media regarding the launch in Israel are only a hypothesis and mainly rely on past experience. Until a few days ago, even the marketers themselves did not know the prices at which they could buy the devices from Apple, and according to these, determine the price at which they will sell them to you. This time, it’s the official prices of an official marketer where you can actually buy the devices.

The first to announce its official prices for the iPhone 13 series is the iStore network, which actually confirmed the latest question mark around the launch and informed us that the new models that come with an entire terabyte storage volume will also be launched in Israel. These are the launch prices of Eastor for all iPhone 13 models:

iPhone 13 mini
₪ 3,099 – 128GB
₪ 3,549 – 256GB
₪ 4,399 – 512GB
iPhone 13
₪ 3,499 – 128GB
₪ 3,999 – 256GB
₪ 4,849 – 512GB
iPhone 13 Pro
₪ 4,399 – 128GB
₪ 4,899 – 256GB
₪ 5,769 – 512GB
₪ 6,699 – 1TB
iPhone 13 Pro Max
₪ 4,799 – 128GB
₪ 5,329 – 256GB
₪ 6,199 – 512GB
₪ 7,069 – 1TB

Your seeing eyes are not wrong. For the first time, the NIS 7,000 line for an iPhone device in Israel was crossed. If you are wondering if the prices are higher than usual this time, we went back to the launch of the iPhone 12 for you to check the launch prices, and at least when it comes to the prices of the base models, it seems that the prices are even lower by a few hundred shekels.

And what happens now?

Photo: Giktiim

Usually the various marketers in Israel like to play a kind of game of Chicken, with some preferring to advertise their prices first (so that you first attack their inventory), but some prefer to be the last to advertise their prices, in order to pick up the title “Cheap Price In Israel ”at launch, or to offer you various bonuses that will make you purchase your iPhone from them.

It is likely that in the coming hours the other marketers in Israel will also publish their prices in Israel, but from past experience, these are usually price differences of only a few hundred shekels, and sometimes with variable benefits on extended warranty, accessories at the time of purchase, free shipping and other small bonuses. Buy the same device but from a different marketer. Some will hold “White Night” events and sell or provide you with the devices as early as midnight between Wednesday and Thursday, some will be waiting for you with the iPhone 13 in the morning in stores. Now you only have to choose.

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