Albert Elbaz was bigger than life

It was an exciting evening, even in remote viewing, on the small screen. On Tuesday, at the end of Paris Fashion Week, designers, friends and family gathered to pay tribute to the memory of Israeli designer Albert Elbaz, He died of coronation in April this year at the age of 59.

44 designers participated in the show, each designing a model inspired by him, a tribute of love to the successful and beloved designer who used to say that “love brings love”. In the dark space, before the show began, the voice of his partner of the last 28 years, Alex Koo, was heard. “Albert would have felt great respect today. It’s his dream come true. He loved people and they loved him. He made us laugh, cry, dream.”

Elbaz’s big dream is to unite the designers of fashion houses in one show, inspired by a wandering French fashion theater after World War II of miniature doll clothes designed by couturiers, skin and tendon cream in a show attended by senior designers. Who was not there – Damna Goeselia, Maria Gracia Curry, Pierre Paolo Piccoli, Jean Paul Gaultier, Giorgio Armani, Vivian Westwood, Olivier Rusteg, Simon Roche and many others.

Elbaz seemed to come to life in the dresses and clothes they created. Some of them reflected on his design language in Lennon for 14 years (a beautiful dress in Rick Evans’ pink powder); Some of them in his character (e.g., a red coat by Dries van Notten throughout his figure) and some of them simply expressed overt love (Jean Paul Gaultier’s heart dress). “People define themselves in deeds, not in words or wishes, not good intentions but deeds,” Pierre Paolo Piccoli of Valentino wrote on his Instagram page. “For my first show Albert sent me a couture robe he had made for me, worked hard to decorate it, sew and embroider something that was only for my eyes. He did not need the spotlight to be a good person, he just was.”

In the week before the show, his brand’s AZ FACTORY’s Instagram site was launched, which was launched only last January, and other texts written by the show’s participants, including Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani and Stella McCartney. At the end of the show, his own brand team presented a beautiful collection to AZ. “The essence of couture is not a $ 150,000 dress and 300 hours of embroidery,” Elbaz told the New York Times on January eve of the launch. “The true essence of couture is laboratory and technique, experiment and the human body.” Elbaz knew exactly what women wanted and his elegant feminine designs were a direct product of his thinking about women’s lifestyle, their wardrobe and what was required of it, and his brand’s new collection reflects his spirit.

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