Here’s what critics think about the Nintendo Switch OLED

Here’s what critics think about the Nintendo Switch OLED
Here’s what critics think about the Nintendo Switch OLED
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On Friday, Nintendo will reveal its newest gaming system out in the wild – the Nintendo Switch LED model. You may be aware of the obvious changes, like the new model’s beautiful OLED display (all the info you need on these changes. Can be found here) but how is it done? feeling? This is really the case to play? Is it worth your money?

We’ve been checking out the new OLED model over the past week, and today we’ve shared our full review on the site. Praising the new screen, improved sound, better docking, and improved kickstand, we called it a worthy upgrade to the standard switch, but we cautioned that those who play their console only in chopped mode won’t see much benefit here.

Our review system covers all aspects including the overall design, screen, and new dock, so we urge you to read it (or an hour below) before we dive in.

Is it all over? Nice – good. Now that you’ve seen what we have to say, let’s see what some of the other reviewers have to say:

On the Edge Switch described the new system as a “high-quality portable experience” within family systems:

“Switchlight is a transparent entry point, cheap model, with its small size and robust architecture clearly designed for mobile gaming. Meanwhile, the primary key is decent but mainly for anyone who uses it on the go. It works like a regular switch at home, but with its excellent OLED display and practical stand finally it makes for an even more premium portable experience.

Eurocomer calls mobile OLED mode an “upgrade must” for fans:

“We don’t know when Nintendo will introduce the next generation of the Switch console, but until then, the new OLED model is the best way ever to enjoy the best gaming library. If it is important for you to demonstrate quality in a situation, it must be improved. “

Independent Switch OLED says “still the best console version”:

“…if you’re new to the Nintendo Switch and haven’t purchased it yet, this is still the best version of the console. Of course, it may not be the professional model we all want to see, but the colorful presentation, excellent quality and great storage make it a brainwash. New to the Nintendo Switch OLED? Buy the console and don’t look back.

IGN calls this an “easy recommendation” for those who don’t already have a switch, but it’s a “hard sell” for those who have:

“After playing it for a week, I found that the brighter, more vibrant, and slightly larger Nintendo Switch LED screen made me want to get out of the cut-out mode more frequently. for travel. It makes it easy to play, and Ethernet makes dock-enabled downloads faster. “

Finally, Arstechnica is called “Nintendo’s Greatest Core Update”:

“The expensive OLED Switch will appeal to those who want to feel when the PlayStation Vita first launched. The new beautifully sized switch screen looks just as good as the one you’ve seen on great handheld games.

What do you think? Were you forced to pick up one? Or do you think it might not be worth it depending on how you want to play it? Let us know in the comments below.

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