Needed genizah? | The eggs that conquered the net

Needed genizah? | The eggs that conquered the net
Needed genizah? | The eggs that conquered the net

Knitted News05.10.21 12:40 29 Tishrei Tishpev

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Hundreds of thousands of daily page learners will complete the Egg Tract in a few days and begin the next Tract – Rosh Hashana.

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On the occasion of the event, Meshek Kedumim came out with a surprising and creative initiative and printed on the farm’s eggs the words “Encore on an egg mask – strengthen and embrace Kedumim.”

In an interview with Kol Barama radio, Tal Gilboa said: “At the height of the joy of the people of Israel, we may do something like this more often. We are really happy with the people of Israel and want to strengthen the people of Israel and the Torah scholars.”


Gilboa said: “We try to combine Torah and work. The idea came up and we are happy that it did the job. The gimmick is really nice and with the aim of strengthening and encouraging the people. The goal was not to promote us but to make daily Daf students happy. Contact us from New York and ask us Eggs. “

During the broadcast, Rabbi Binyamin Huta was asked whether the shells required genizah, and replied that since this was done for pleasure and recommendation, there was no need to genizah the husks.

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Needed genizah eggs conquered net

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