The fact that a 13-year-old Chinese child caused crashes on Facebook platforms

Posted on: Tuesday, October 5, 2021 – 6:55 AM | Last update: Tuesday October 5, 2021 – 6:55 AM

On Monday, a number of Arab media circulated a story claiming that a “13-year-old Chinese hacker” had disrupted Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp services.
The news, which the media claimed was attributed to Reuters, spread like wildfire, especially on the short tweet platform Twitter, within a short time, as the services of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp platforms were interrupted for more than 6 hours.

What happened to the Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp platforms?

The outage of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, its affiliates, began around 1200 noon EST (1600 GMT), in what Downdetector, which tracks internet outages, described as the biggest glitch ever faced by Facebook.

Facebook acknowledged that users were having trouble accessing its apps, but did not provide any details about the nature of the problem or the number of people affected by the outage.

Details of the news attributed to Reuters
Reuters reported that a Chinese hacker named “Sun Ji Su” is responsible for stopping the services of “Facebook”, “WhatsApp” and “Instagram”. Noting that the Chinese hacker is only 13 years old.

Chinese hacker fake news
“Sputnik” searched the Arabic and English versions of Reuters, and did not find any news referring to the misleading information that was circulated on Arab news platforms and by the pioneers of social networking sites.

Reasons for crashing Facebook
Doug Madhuri, director of Internet analysis at network monitoring company Kintech, was quoted by the Wall Street Journal as saying that Facebook apparently made a change on Monday morning in network routing information (DNS).

According to Madhuri, this change affected the company’s DNS servers, which act as a kind of search system on the Internet. They associate domain names such as “” with digital Internet Protocol addresses, which are used by browsers and web servers.

Madhuri confirmed that the change made Facebook’s DNS servers unavailable, forcing its services on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp applications to go offline.

For its part, Facebook said in a statement carried by Reuters that it believes that the main reason for the interruption of the communication service is a wrong modification in the settings of the main routers that caused problems that led to the interruption of the communication service.

Facebook announces the return of its services
Facebook announced early on Tuesday that all of its social networking platforms have returned to work normally.

“To the huge community of people and companies around the world who depend on us: We’re sorry,” the company’s technical engineers said in a tweet.

They added, “We’ve worked hard to restore access to our apps and services, and we’re happy to report that they’re back online now. Thank you for sticking with us.”

Mark Zuckerberg apologizes for Facebook glitch
In turn, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologized for the malfunction of the “Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram” applications that lasted for about 7 hours.

Mark Zuckerberg said, “Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are back in action.”

The Facebook CEO added, “I apologize for the outage today. I know how much you rely on our services to keep in touch with the people you love.”

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