“The Presidency” and “Al-Asfa” top the radio in “Tatami Al Marmoom”

“The Presidency” and “Al-Asfa” top the radio in “Tatami Al Marmoom”
“The Presidency” and “Al-Asfa” top the radio in “Tatami Al Marmoom”

Dubai (Etihad)

Today, the challenges of the third round of Preliminary Al Marmoom concluded with radio age challenges to cross-bred Their Highnesses Sheikhs on Al Marmoom Square for a distance of 5 kilometers over the course of 14 strong and exciting runs. The storm came to the fore in the main half of the local broadcast, as the “Shahiniya”, led by Al-Mudmar Ghiath Al-Hilali, managed to complete its journey to the finish line, recording a time of 7:50:6 minutes.

“Shaheen”, led by the impossibility of the impossibility, Ahmed Matar Al-Khaili, announced that the presidential camel came to the fore in the second half of the local Jadan in a time of 7:53:7 minutes.

As for the third round, which was dedicated to the hybrids, it was stormy, led by the implied Ghayath Al-Hilali, so that the “Shahiniya” took first place with a time of 7:51:0 minutes, and the slogan of Sheikh Muhammad bin Butti Al Hamed shined through the fourth round of the hybrids under the conscientious leadership of Mukhtar Ahmed through “ Eis » in a time of 7:46:8 minutes.

The camels of His Highness Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi scored great brilliance through their participation in the preliminary Marmoom at the age of meeting to cross His Highness Sheikhs for a distance of 4 kilometers, which was held on Al Marmoom Square over the course of 14 runs. The red and black logo, led by Meher Bleisheh, managed to take the lead in the four main games, as the “Antelope” managed to sit at the top of the first half of the local matches, recording a time of 6:06:18 minutes.

“Mundhir” took the lead in the second half of the local relics, to guide the camel of His Highness Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al-Nuaimi with a time of 6:03:7 minutes. “Amjad” continued the journey of excellence for the brilliant slogan and succeeded in obtaining the first place in the third round of the hybrids under the leadership of Ali Muhair Bleisha with a time of 6:10:9 minutes.

The quartet concluded with a “player” for the hybrids of His Highness Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al-Nuaimi, who succeeded in taking the lead in Al-Jaadan Al-Mahjanet after reaching the finish line in a time of 6:07:5 minutes.

“Azma”, with the slogan of Muhammad Suhail Nukhairat Al-Amiri, succeeded in resolving the battle of the main round of the local matches, after cutting the race trip in a time of 6:06:1 minutes, through the challenges of the age of encounters to cross-breed the tribesmen that were held over 16 rounds on Friday morning as part of the preliminary Marmoom . The second half went to the “legend” presented by Matar Rashid Ali Miftah Al Shamsi, and Sultan Muhammad Sultan Matar Al Ketbi revealed the readiness of a slogan for the awaited benefits in the season, through “Foula” winning the third round for the local relics, and the fourth half of the hybrids was the share of “tired”. King Omar Suleiman Salama Al-Faydi Al-Juhani and “Al-Shayba” put the logo of its owner Rashid Talib Mutaib Shuraim Al-Marri on top in the first challenges of the broadcasting age to cross tribesmen, which was held on Al-Marmoom Square last Saturday morning over the course of 18 runs for a distance of 5 kilometers within the preliminary Al-Marmoom and “Al-Shayba” battle The local virgins will be broadcast in a time of 7:48:9 minutes.

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