“Mossad personnel recently worked to locate Ron Arad”

“Mossad personnel recently worked to locate Ron Arad”
“Mossad personnel recently worked to locate Ron Arad”

During the opening ceremony of the Knesset’s winter session, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett revealed today (Monday) that Mossad men and women set out on a mission to locate the missing navigator Ron Arad.

Prime Minister Bennett: The Mossad recently worked to locate Ron Arad // Photo: Knesset Channel

“Last month, Mossad officials went on an operation to find details about the fate of Ron Arad,” Bennett said during his speech to the plenum.

Arad was a combat navigator who fell in Lebanon on October 16, 1986, almost 35 years ago. He has been considered missing since May 1988. In 2005, the Armed Forces filed a secret report stating that Arad was apparently killed between 1995 and 1997. However, in February 2016, a new testimony was published from Lebanon according to which Arad was killed back in 1988, about two years after his capture.

Prime Minister Bennett tweeted on the subject: “Last month, women and staff of the Mossad embarked on an operation aimed at finding new information about the fate and whereabouts of Ron Arad. It was a complex and wide-ranging operation, that’s all that can be said at the moment. We made another effort on the way to understanding what happened to Ron. “

Maj. Gen. Res. “It led him to use the institution’s activities to try and market theoretical achievements prematurely.” Sad and disturbing. “


Mossad personnel worked locate Ron Arad

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