Russia’s bats are free of the virus that causes “Covid-19”

Russia’s bats are free of the virus that causes “Covid-19”
Russia’s bats are free of the virus that causes “Covid-19”

date of publication:04.10.2021 | 05:04 GMT |

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An expert at the Russian Consumer Rights Protection Agency stated that the Corona virus has not yet been detected in bats in Russia, but other types of this virus have been identified.

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“SARS-CoV-2 has not been found in bats in Russia. We tested samples from about two hundred bats, from Different types, with (RT-BCR) we were looking specifically for viruses very similar to (SARS-Cove-2), but we didn’t find anything.”

The expert pointed out that in nature, in addition to the “SARS-Cove-2” coronavirus, there are other coronaviruses that were also not found in bats in Russia.

Speranskaya explained that such viruses are encountered in bats in all areas of their living, but so far they have not been sufficiently studied in Russia.

In the same context, the expert reported that there have been no human cases of infection with the Corona virus from bats in Russia, noting that such a risk is generally small.

Source: RIA Novosti

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Russias bats free virus Covid19

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