30 meter long tunnel: An indictment was filed against the prisoners who escaped from Gilboa Prison Emknews

30 meter long tunnel: An indictment was filed against the prisoners who escaped from Gilboa Prison Emknews
30 meter long tunnel: An indictment was filed against the prisoners who escaped from Gilboa Prison Emknews

The Northern District Attorney’s Office (Criminal) filed an indictment in the Nazareth Magistrate’s Court against the 6 prisoners and security detainees accused of escaping from Gilboa Prison about a month ago, and against 4 prisoners and another detainee accused of aiding the escape. The defendants in the escape from custody are Mahmoud Ardeh, Yaakov Kadri, their mother Kamaji, Mondal Infiat, Muhammad Arda and Zakaria Zabeidi, and the defendants in the escape are Mahmoud Abu Ashrin, Katzi Marai, Ali Abu Bachar, Mahmoud Abu Bachar and Iyad Paladin Manadat – all of them ‘great grandchild.
The indictment, filed through attorneys Edit Amir-Levinstein and Roi Alfasi, alleges that at the end of 2020, Mahmoud Ardeh decided to dig a tunnel from the cell in order to escape from prison. In March, Mahmoud Arda, Mahmoud’s cousin, also joined the escape plan.
From the end of 2020 until the day of the escape, the defendants dug a 5-1 tunnel whose opening was under the cell shower. Defendants removed a marble slab under the sink, dug under it and daily put the marble slab back in place to hide the excavation. The defendants carried out the excavation work on a daily basis, in shifts adjusted to the prison agenda, to prevent the disclosure of the escape plan, and while using improvised excavation tools.
In order to help the diggers carry out the escape plan, Defendants 11-7 also took part in the excavation of the tunnel, some also sat in the cell and their job was to warn of the arrival of staff members and to ensure that other prisoners did not enter the cell. Some helped remove sandbags from the tunnel to allow diggers to exit the cell.
Towards the end of the tunnel excavation, cousins ​​Mahmoud and Muhammad Arda and defendant Jaradat decided to approach Zakaria Zabeidi and offer him to escape with them from prison, so that Zabeidi would take advantage of his status and connections in the Palestinian Authority and ensure that after the escape the escaped prisoners receive defensive detention. Zbeidi agreed to the escape plan and applied to move to Wing 2.
On September 5, Zbeidi moved to a cell, and on that day the excavation of the 30-meter-long tunnel beyond the prison walls was completed. That night, the six defendants fled through the tunnel, equipped with change of clothes, food, and radios to monitor the progress of the search and the location of the security forces. The escape of the prisoners was discovered about an hour and a half later, so extensive searches began to locate them.
The six fugitives arrived in the village of Na’ura, when Mahmoud Ardeh asked his brother to come with a vehicle to flee to the Palestinian Authority. Unbeknownst to them, they decided to split up into pairs to make it harder for them to locate. Eventually, all six were caught. The prosecution wants to detain all the defendants until the end of the legal proceedings against them.


meter long tunnel indictment filed prisoners escaped Gilboa Prison Emknews

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