Tropical Cyclone Shaheen, 60 km off the coast of Oman

Tropical Cyclone Shaheen, 60 km off the coast of Oman
Tropical Cyclone Shaheen, 60 km off the coast of Oman

The National Center of Meteorology confirmed that the tropical cyclone “Shaheen” is stationed 60 km from the Omani coast in the Sea of ​​Oman at latitude 24.0 north and longitude 57.9 east. 100 to 125 km/h, the center of the cyclone is 205 km from the coast of Fujairah, and the speed of the cyclone is 10 km/h towards west-southwest.

The National Center of Meteorology stated in the fourth report on the tropical situation, Shaheen, that the movement of tropical cyclone Shaheen is expected to continue towards the coasts of the Sultanate of Oman during the coming hours and continue to move towards the southwest. Ten o’clock tomorrow.

It is also expected that the flow of clouds will continue gradually over the eastern regions of the country, interspersed with some convective rainy clouds of varying intensity over some eastern and southeastern regions, including some areas of Al Ain and the southeastern and central regions.

The winds are active to strong, especially with cumulus clouds, which raise dust and dust and reduce horizontal visibility.

The state of the sea in the Sea of ​​Oman is turbulent to very turbulent, which may lead to the inundation of sea water in low areas on the eastern coast, and the Arabian Gulf Sea is sometimes turbulent in the north.

The National Center of Meteorology monitors the tropical situation around the clock and calls on the public to follow the bulletins and reports issued by it, and please follow the instructions and warnings from the competent authorities.

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