Only one girl rejected me… and admired Ghada Abdel Razek’s scene

Only one girl rejected me… and admired Ghada Abdel Razek’s scene
Only one girl rejected me… and admired Ghada Abdel Razek’s scene

The Egyptian star Khaled Al-Nabawi revealed that he was born in the city of Mansoura, north of Cairo, on September 12, 1966, meaning that he is now 55 years old.

And “Al-Nabawi”, during his hosting in the Egyptian program “From the Duplexes”, presented by the satirical puppet “Abla Fahita”, added: “My high school total was 57% and I was a good student in the Arabic language, and I studied at the Acting Institute under the hands of professors Saad Ardash and Karam Mutawa. “.

Al-Nabawi expressed his displeasure with the directors’ choices, saying: “They surrounded me in the bedroom because I was playing the role of a university student… I wished to live in Pharaonic Egypt because she was the lady of the world at that time.”

He stressed that he does not like directors to take his age into account when they nominate him for roles and characters, because he loves the challenge of playing older characters.

He stressed that he worked hard to develop his talent until it reached what it is now, adding: “The talent is from our Lord, with study and senior professors who helped me like the great artist Karam Mutawa, who taught me mime.”

He explained that he has 3 sons, the eldest of whom is “Noor”, and he entered the field of art recently, and he had a distinguished participation in the series “The Choice”, and his second son has sports tendencies, and the third is Ziad, who is 13 years old.

He admitted that only one girl rejected him as a husband, when he proposed to her, explaining that her wife had the passwords for his phones.

And about the scene that Ghada Abdel Razek collected in the series “A Matter of Principle”, which turned into a subject for ridicule via “Facebook”, he said that director Khairy Bishara liked to improvise very much and the scene was amazing, and he is happy that people laugh at the scene until today.

The episode witnessed many funny situations between Abla Fahita and her daughter Karo and “The Prophet”. At the beginning of the episode, “Karo” asked Khaled Al-Nabawi to play football while answering her questions, and he actually did that.

Then, in the “Question and Punishment” paragraph presented by “Abla Fahita”, I asked him a question, which is how to flirt with himself in front of the mirror, and he replied that he does not do that, so his punishment was to play 10 pressures, and he actually did that.

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