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The government has decided: Sit down"About"Will be involved in the handling of illegal weapons – the country

  1. The government has decided: the GSS and the IDF will be involved in dealing with illegal weaponsCountry
  2. The IDF and the GSS will assist in the issue of illegal weapons in Arab society. Bennett: “Security forces are not the enemy, but the solution”
  3. PM Netanyahu Bennett’s Speech at the Opening of the Ministerial Staff Meeting on Combating Crime and Violence in Arab SocietyIsraeliPM
  4. Will the IDF help collect illegal weapons in Arab society? Security source: “They did not talk to us”Walla! news
  5. The IDF was surprised by the government’s decision to involve the security forces in the fight against crime in Arab
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government decided Sit downquotAboutquotWill involved handling illegal weapons country

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