Prof. warns: “700,000 unvaccinated people are responsible for about 70% of all illness” JDN

Prof. Eran Segal of the Weizmann Institute explains this morning (Sunday) at the Ynet studio that the number of critically ill patients is declining “according to the forecast we presented in the Corona Cabinet in August, assuming that three million Israelis will receive the booster, and I would not say it is very slow.” The declines, more people just need to get vaccinated. “

Segal, a professor of computational biology at the Weizmann Institute of Science, notes three groups in the population where vaccination efforts need to be concentrated today: “The first group is 700,000 people who have not been vaccinated at all. This group is currently responsible for 70% “200 patients are serious instead of 600 patients today.”

“I think this is a small, loud, but small, part of people who oppose vaccines. Most of them are people we have not been able to reach, and must reach, because that is where most of the serious illness is concentrated. “Save more people, both from infection and from serious illness and mortality.”

He added and divided the groups. “The second group, 1.7 million as of today, is the one that has passed more than half a year since receiving the second vaccine. This group is protected much, much less than they were previously protected and are responsible for about 20% of the serious illness, a figure significantly higher than the one who received the booster. That is why it is advisable to get the third vaccine. “

“The last group includes about 300,000 people who recovered more than six months ago and have not yet been vaccinated. This group is also more protected than the group that is not vaccinated at all, but its chances of infection are three times higher than recovering vaccinated or those who received the booster. .

During the interview he added, “There were concerns about the start of the school year and although there were not many school days, we did not see an increase but on the contrary, we saw the continuation of the downward trend. I think a large mass of tests can help greatly reduce morbidity.”


Prof warns unvaccinated people responsible illness JDN

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