Young men were caught dancing naked… and practicing strange rituals at a wedding party in Egypt

The Egyptian authorities arrested a group of young men who danced naked and celebrated with fire during a wedding party in a village in Qena Governorate, in the south of the country.

from the wedding

The village of An-Najahiya in the city of Nagaa Hammadi in Qena witnessed strange rituals practiced by a group of young people during a wedding party, where they danced naked and celebrated the fire in a strange and dangerous way that almost led to a disaster.

The incident sparked great anger, especially on social networking sites, where pictures revealed other celebrations of dancing with swords and wooden sticks, pouring fuel to light fires and firewood, and using pesticides to make flames that could have led to serious injuries among the audience.

The security services were able to identify and arrest some of the naked youth, and they are currently listening to their statements.

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