Watch .. “Madam” announcer reveals an easy way for a girl to know the true personality of a man during the courtship period

Al-Marsad newspaper: The presenter of the “My Lady” program, Reem Basati, revealed an innovative trick to discover the true personality of the life partner during the courtship period.

And “Bassiti” said: “There is a hidden test that he does not know is under this test, which is the way he drives the car,” pointing out: “The way a man drives a car will not be beautiful in it or lie in it, and he will be of his nature.”

She pointed out: “When you look at the car with him and see the way he drives, does he follow safety procedures and wears the belt, and does he follow the traffic orders that he points to the right or left and leaves a safe distance?” While the announcers of the program entered into a fit of laughter inside the studio.

And she pointed out: “The ethics of leadership is patience and thinking of others and not standing in the position of the disabled. You know from them that he is a person who thinks of others and is not selfish and takes into account the rights of others. When he indicates right and left, it means a person who adheres to the laws and is committed to his life and loves order and order and loves to take his right and others also take his right.”


Watch Madam announcer reveals easy girl true personality man courtship period

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