A doctor uses the iPhone 13 for medical purposes

A doctor uses the iPhone 13 for medical purposes
A doctor uses the iPhone 13 for medical purposes

Gizmo China reported that an ophthalmologist named Tommy Korn found an interesting way to examine his patients’ eyes, through the iPhone 13 Pro Max camera, to which Apple added new features.

The doctor published some details through a post on the LinkedIn platform, where he revealed that he was using his new iPhone 13 Pro Max phone to examine the patient’s eye with the new camera. An image that shows details can be taken with the new Macro mode, which allows the doctor to notice and note important details about the eye.

The eye image of one of the cases shows a patient with corneal transplantation, and he needs to constantly examine his eye to see if it has recovered.

Apple announced its new iPhone 13 series of phones, as it revealed updates to the lenses of the Pro and Pro Max models, including the ultra-wide-angle camera capable of capturing macro images from a distance of only 2 cm.

Macro mode also extends to video, including a slow-motion feature and a time-lapse feature that speeds up video.

The phone is characterized by the transition from the normal shooting mode to the macro mode automatically when the phone becomes very close to the object being photographed. But Apple said that this will change in the future, and the user will be able to switch between the two modes manually.


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