The GSS and the IDF will assist in dealing with illegal weapons in Arab society

Today (Sunday) the government approved the work plan presented by the Deputy Minister of Internal Security, Yoav Saglowitz, in which coordinated work will be carried out in cooperation with all relevant ministries and bodies, including the Israel Police, General Security Service, National Security Headquarters, Legal Advice, State Attorney, The Tax Authority, the Anti-Money Laundering Authority and more.

At the meeting, it was decided to focus on the issue of illegal weapons, in cooperation with the IDF and the GSS. The Ministry of Justice will promote a series of laws that will provide additional measures to the various enforcement bodies, including the Minimum Penal Code for the Possession and Trade in Arms and the commencement of implementation will be immediate.

Government Cabinet

In a discussion held today, the Prime Minister said: “Violence in Arab society has reached the red line. The problem has been suppressed and neglected for years until it reaches monstrous proportions, as we have seen in the past year. Our government takes the issue very seriously. In coordination with Homeland Security Minister Amar Bar-Lev and other ministers “My office is headed by a retired Deputy Minister of Internal Security, Yoav Saglowitz, to deal with crime and violence in Arab society. Yoav will serve as the government project manager for the eradication of crime and violence in Arab society.

Undercover, Border Police, Photo: Israel Police Spokeswoman


GSS IDF assist dealing illegal weapons Arab society

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