Contractors warn: “On the way to a crisis from the donkeys we knew”

Contractors warn: “On the way to a crisis from the donkeys we knew”
Contractors warn: “On the way to a crisis from the donkeys we knew”

Knitted News03.10.21 15:49 27 Tishrei Tishpev

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The president of the Builders Association of Builders, Raul Srugo, today attacked the chairman of the local government center, who accused them of housing costs, in a discussion in the Interior Committee. The contractors are not responsible for the rise in apartment prices. Things are serious and it’s an out of place guilt.

The remarks were made during a discussion in the committee that dealt with a chapter in the proposal for the economic plan, according to which it will be possible to change the designation of employment areas so that 30% of them will be qualified for residential construction.

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Srugo accused that “those thousands of housing units are not being implemented because of the heads of the municipalities. Why? Because they lose property taxes, they want employment areas, every head of the municipality wants employment areas, because he receives very high property taxes and provides minimal services. Their reasons may be justified. “But it’s the truth.”

He said, “According to the price per occupant, there is a shortage of about 200,000 apartments in Israel today, because these are the people who registered. The households do not have apartments. We are on the way to one of the worst economic and social crises in the State of Israel

MK Eitan Ginzburg (blue and white), also attacked the committee and said: “This chapter in the law came to bypass the planning in the most blatant way. He came to trample the local committee. According to the bill, it will be possible to change the designation of 30% of residential employment areas. “

Meanwhile, in the Economics Committee. The manufacturers and representatives of importers want to exclude iron for the building, solar water heaters and more from the import reform. The committee’s chairman, MK Miel Bitton, asked government presenters to make sure that Israeli manufacturers would not be discriminated against by importers, and also asked to concentrate all requests for exceptions and respond to them for the votes to be held in subsequent discussions – he clarified.

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Contractors warn crisis donkeys knew

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