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Today (Sunday) passed away Chief Rabbi of Givat Shmuel Eleazar Elbaz et al At the age of 85. Rabbi Elbaz served as the city’s chief rabbi for 47 years, from 1974. The funeral procession began today at 14:30 the “Love and Brotherhood” synagogue at 34 Rambam Street in Givat Shmuel and at 16:00 will leave his home at 23 Matityahu Street in Bnei Brak for the plot Ponivez on Hazon Ish Street in Bnei Brak.

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He was born in 1936 in Algeria and immigrated to Israel in 1956. He studied in the village of Haroeh with the late Rabbi Moshe Zvi Neria and served as a soldier teacher in northern communities. He studied at the Merkaz Harav Yeshiva with Rabbi Zvi Yehuda HaCohen Kook and after his marriage began an activity with youth in Givat Shmuel. In 1974 he was appointed rabbi of the city. He served as the Sephardic rabbi of Givat Shmuel alongside the late Rabbi Yaakov Yosef Singer, who served as the Ashkenazi rabbi of Givat Shmuel for 44 years until his death six years ago, in 2015.

Givat Shmuel Mayor Yossi Brodney Eulogy to Rabbi Elbaz: “I received with great sorrow the news of the departure of Rabbi Elazar Elbaz, the Chief Rabbi of the city of Givat Shmuel. Rabbi Elbaz was a man full of knowledge of the Torah and Halacha. To the Torah. He has served in this capacity as Rabbi of the city for the past 47 years and has done so humbly and cheerfully. Many would seek to consult with him and be blessed by him. Days. “

Yossi Brodney pays tribute to the late Rabbi Elazar Elbaz at the Ahavah and Achva Synagogue. Photo: Givat Shmuel Municipality Spokeswoman

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